Elden Ring: Where To Get The Shield Of The Guilty

It's not the best shield in the game, but it looks pretty cool.


With so many shields to choose from in Elden Ring, it can often be difficult to decide which one fits your build the best. But if your main goal is to look cool, the Shield of the Guilty has you covered. In this brief guide, we'll tell you how you can score it during your playthrough of the game.

The Shield of the Guilty explained

The Shield of the Guilty is a small shield that requires 8 Strength to wield. It makes a poor choice for protection, but you can use it to parry or toss an Ash of War on it to give you some useful skills. Thanks to its briars, it even makes a decent attacking shield.

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The Shield of the Guilty's item description reads:

Shield made to venerate a maiden whose eyes were crushed by Briars of Sin before being reborn in these lands. Venerating the repose of the soul, this shield boosts focus. The briars can be used to attack foes.

Where to find the Shield of the Guilty

The Shield of the Guilty can be found within the Demi-Human Forest Ruins in Weeping Penninsula. Though there is a large boss here that you can face off against, you won't necessarily have to do so to reach the shield.

Demi-Human Forest Ruins
Demi-Human Forest Ruins

When you arrive at the ruins, note that there is a cellar outside the main building housing the boss. You'll need to jump over a wall to reach the stairs leading down. Once you've lept over the wall, follow the stairs down to a chest, which holds--you guessed it--the Shield of the Guilty.

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