Elden Ring: Where To Get The Radagon Icon Talisman

If you want to reduce how long it takes to cast spells, this talisman is for you.


Although it's certainly safer to cast spells from afar when facing down the many baddies in Elden Ring, you may find that your sorceries and incantations take a bit to fire off. Luckily, the Radagon Icon talisman can help you out a bit, as it reduces spell casting time so that you can get off more shots and fell those foes more quickly. In this guide, we'll walk you through where you can find this useful item.

Radagon Icon talisman explained

The Radagon Icon talisman reduces how long it takes to use a spell by adding the equivalent of 30 Dexterity worth of speed to your casts.

The Radagon Icon talisman's item description reads:

A legendary talisman depicting the Elden Lord Radagon. Shortens the casting time of sorceries and incantations. As the husband of Rennala of Caria, the red-haired Radagon studied sorcery, and as the husband of Queen Marika, he studied incantations. Thus did the hero aspire to be complete.

Where to find the Radagon Icon talisman

The Radagon Icon talisman is located in Liurnia of the Lakes within the Raya Lucaria Academy legacy dungeon. In order to reach this talisman, you'll need to have reached the Debate Parlor Site of Grace.

Radagon Icon talisman location
Radagon Icon talisman location

From the grace, head toward the large gates and into the courtyard. Instead of moving further outward, though, turn to the right and look for a spot that allows you to jump to a well-hidden pathway that runs alongside the building you just exited.

Follow the path up the ladder, then jump through the broken window at the top to find yourself in the upper part of the Debate Parlor. On the opposite side of the room from where you entered you'll find a chest containing the Radagon Icon talisman.

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