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Elden Ring: Where To Get The Green Turtle Talisman

Recover your stamina faster with this talisman.


One of the most important aspects of enemy encounters in Elden Ring is managing your stamina. When it runs out, you're basically useless and subject to a real pummeling by your foes. Because of this, you may want to pump up your Endurance stat and grab the Green Turtle Talisman, which can help you recover your stamina more quickly. In this guide, we'll tell you where to find it.

Green Turtle Talisman explained

The Green Turtle Talisman increases your stamina recovery speed by nearly 18%. This can be immensely useful, especially during tense encounters that require a significant amount of rolling out of harm's way.

The Green Turtle Talisman's item description reads:

A talisman in the shape of a green turtle. Raises stamina recovery speed. Turtles are known as a nutritious ingredient, symbolic of inexhaustible power. However, those who hold turtles to be wise creatures consider the practice of eating their meat to be barbarous.

Where to get the Green Turtle Talisman

The Green Turtle Talisman can be obtained in Summonwater Village in northeast Limgrave. This ruined area is located on the main path to Caelid and can be easily accessed early in the game.

Summonwater Village
Summonwater Village

When you first arrive at Summonwater Village, you'll be forced into a fight with a Tibia Mariner mini-boss. This enemy isn't particularly challenging so long as you keep your distance from the undead foes he summons. Just wail away on him until he's dead.

Whether you opt to actually fight and kill the Tibia Mariner is up to you, but either way, you can head over to the southeastern section of the village to find a set of steps leading down into a cellar. Use a Stonesword Key here and head down to find the Green Turtle Talisman inside.

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