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Elden Ring: Where To Get The Greatshield Talisman

Enhance your guarding capabilities with this talisman.


If you like to play defensively in Elden Ring, you're probably on the lookout for anything that can improve your guarding ability. While a solid shield is the most important thing to have, you may also want to check out the Greatshield Talisman, as it's a great option for any build that wants to get the most out of going big on defense. Follow this guide to find out where you can grab it for yourself.

Greatshield Talisman explained

The Greatshield Talisman boosts your guarding ability. This means you'll lose a bit less stamina when you're hit while blocking with a shield, which is extremely useful in a variety of situations--especially for those with builds that have lower Endurance.

The Greatshield Talisman's item description reads:

Talisman depicting a knight holding a greatshield. Boosts guarding ability. The knights of Leyndell once modeled themselves after the Tree Sentinels. Their purpose is to protect that which deserves protection, and thus the shield always comes before the sword.

Where to find the Greatshield Talisman

The Greatshield Talisman can be obtained from a chest in a carriage in southern Altus Plateau. You'll reach this beautiful mid-game biome by following the main story path, and grabbing the talisman here is a cinch.

Greatshield Talisman location
Greatshield Talisman location

The talisman is located inside of a chest on the back of a large black carriage in the open battlefield section of the map. You can access it very quickly by warping to the Erdtree-Gazing Hill Site of Grace and then making your way southeast. Once you open the chest, the Greatshield Talisman will be all yours.

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