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Elden Ring: Where To Get Rock Sling

You'll want to add this sorcery to your repertoire.


Elden Ring has enough sorceries to make your head spin, but not all of them are equally useful. One particularly strong option can be found with just a bit of time and effort early in the game, though, and it will no doubt be able to last you through the entire adventure. Rock Sling is a great spell for stunning enemies and dealing big damage, so follow this guide to find out where you can find this excellent sorcery.

Rock Sling explained

Rock Sling is a sorcery that requires 18 Intelligence to cast. It fires three rocks from the earth that do great damage when they all connect. It also can stagger enemies quickly, making it great for opening them up for critical hits.

Rock Sling's item description reads:

One of the glintstone sorceries that manipulates gravitational forces. Pulls a clumb of rocks from the earth and sends them flying. This sorcery can be cast while in motion. A gravitational technique studied by the young Radahn. His master was an Alabaster Lord with skin of stone.

Where to find Rock Sling

Rock Sling can be found within the Street of Sages Ruins within the swamp that takes up the middle of Caelid. Gaining access to this area is fairly easy from the beginning of the game by exiting Limgrave from the northeast and heading straight down to the ruins.

Street of Sages Ruins
Street of Sages Ruins

When you arrive at your destination, seek out a set of steps in the northern part of the ruins. Though it's surrounded by mages that can poison you, they're fairly easy to run by. Take the steps down into the cellar here to find Rock Sling.

While you're in the area, be sure to grab the Meteorite Staff, which scales amazingly with Intelligence and boosts the damage you do with gravity spells like Rock Sling. It's an exceptional staff for any sorcerer, and it can last you well into the late game, at which point you will be able to level up better options far enough to finally make it worth replacing.

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