Elden Ring: Where To Get Meteorite

Rain meteors down on your foes.


Collecting every spell in Elden Ring is quite an undertaking, so it's nice when some of them are simple and easy to round up. In the case of the visually-impressive sorcery Meteorite, you can snag it by simply defeating an easy boss at an evergaol in a mid-game area. In this guide, we'll tell you where you can do just that so that you can mark one more spell off your list.

Meteorite explained

Meteorite is a sorcery that requires 30 Intelligence to cast. It summons small meteors from the sky to do damage to enemies in an AOE fashion, though there's a randomness to their trajectories, making it a bit of a literal hit-or-miss spell to use on groups of foes.

Meteorite's item description reads:

One of the glintstone sorceries that manipulates gravitational forces. Summons a void that emits a rain of small meteorites. Hold to continue the effect. The sorcery originates from the Onyx Lords, who had skin of stone, and were called lords in reverential fear of their destructive power.

Where to find Meteorite

Meteorite can be obtained by defeating the Onyx Lord at the Royal Grave Evergaol in northern Liurnia of the Lakes. To access this spot, however, you'll first need to make your way through Caria Manor on the upper left side of the biome. Once you've defeated the boss there and exited through the back of the manor, head east until you reach the evergaol.

Royal Grave Evergaol
Royal Grave Evergaol

You'll have to fight the Onyx Lord here, but don't fret--he's kind of a pushover. His attacks have long wind-up times, giving you ample opportunities to dodge and get in attacks. If he casts Meteorite, just get behind him and wail away. Once he falls, you'll earn the very same sorcery for yourself.

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