Elden Ring: Where To Get Gavel Of Haima

This one requires a little bit of time and effort.


It's rather nice how easy it is to find most of Elden Ring's myriad of spells, but there are nevertheless a few that require you to solve some clever puzzles. In the case of Gavel of Haima, you'll need to go on a bit of a journey to collect some other things before you can unlock the barrier between you and the sorcery, so read on to find out what all it'll take to solve the Converted Fringe Tower puzzle and snag a new spell.

Gavel of Haima explained

Gavel of Haima is a sorcery that requires 25 Intelligence to cast. It swings a massive magical hammer at your foes in a visually cool fashion, and it's great at breaking stances.

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Gavel of Haima's item description reads:

One of the glintstone sorceries of the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Creates a magical greathammer and slams it down. Allows one follow-up attack. Drawn from the scholarly conspectus of Haima, the adjudicator of the academy, this sorcery employs might as a means to quell conflict.

Where to find Gavel of Haima

Gavel of Haima can be found at the top of the Converted Fringe Tower [1] in the northeastern portion of Liurnia of the Lakes. To reach this area, simply head east from the Frenzied Flame Village Outskirts Site of Grace.

Converted Fringe Tower
Converted Fringe Tower

When you reach the Converted Fringe Tower, you'll notice that the path to the top is blocked by a magical barrier. Passing this barrier requires you to round up a few things.

Your first goal is to find the Academy Glintstone Key that rests behind Glintstone Dragon Smarag [2] in the northeastern portion of the lake. Luckily, you don't have to fight the dragon to pick it up.

Academy Glintstone Key #1
Academy Glintstone Key #1

Once you've got the Academy Glintstone Key, visit Raya Lucaria Academy and make your way through the straightforward dungeon until you reach a section that requires you to make your way across a bunch of rooftops. Do so until you reach an opening that lets you drop walk into the upper section of the Church of the Cuckoo. You'll find a second Academy Glintstone Key on a chandelier [3] here.

Academy Glintstone Key #2
Academy Glintstone Key #2

Take the second key to the sorcerer Thops [4] at the Church of Irith and give it to him. In return, he'll bestow upon you the Erudition gesture.

Church of Irith
Church of Irith

Lastly, you'll have to find any one of the multiple Glintstone crowns that can be found back at Raya Lucaria Academy, so head back there. Likely the simplest to get is the Karolos Glintstone Crown [5]. Start at the Debate Parlor Site of Grace and head north into the courtyard. Look to your left to see a bridge that you can pass under. Here, you'll find a white crab hidden in some bushes, and killing it will net you the crown.

Karolos Glintstone Crown
Karolos Glintstone Crown

Now that you've collected everything you need, return to the Converted Fringe Tower, equip the Karolos Glintstone Crown (or any other Glintstone crown you happened to find), and then use the Erudition gesture at the sealed door. Doing so removes the magical barrier and grants you the ability to climb the tower. At the top, you'll find Gavel of Haima alongside the ranged sorcery Cannon of Haima.

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