Elden Ring: Where To Get Frozen Armament

Coat your weapon with frost to debuff your foes.


While it's fun to fire off sorceries in Elden Ring, sometimes you'll have to bring out a melee weapon to take an enemy head on. If you'd like to get a bit of extra damage out of those encounters, you may want to check out Frozen Armament, as you can cast it on your weapons and build up a debuff on your enemies. Read on to find out where you can get this useful spell.

Frozen Armament explained

Frozen Armament is a sorcery that requires 15 Intelligence to cast. It coats your armament with the frost status effect, which will apply frostbite to enemies, lowering their damage absorption by 20% and reducing their stamina recovery speed.

Frozen Armament's item description reads:

Sorcery said to have been used by the old snow witch. Enchants armament held in the right hand with frost. This sorcery can be cast while in motion. The snowy crone taught the young Ranni to fear the dark moon as she imparted her cold sorcery.

Where to find Frozen Armament

Frozen Armament is found by killing a Teardrop Scarab directly north of Caria Manor in Liurnia of the Lakes. The only way to the location of the scarab, however, is to fully clear the manor and defeat the boss at the end. You'll then be able to exit out the back and explore a new area.

Teardrop Scarab
Teardrop Scarab

Just east of where you exit from Caria Manor, you'll find a silver Teardrop Scarab. It will run if you get close to it, and if you let it get away from you, it'll eventually disappear altogether until you've rested and reset the area. Either quickly run up and kill it with melee, fire some arrows, or cast spells at it until it dies. Once it's defeated, you'll earn Frozen Armament.

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