Elden Ring: Where To Get Carian Phalanx

Get defensive.


If you like taking a defensive-minded approach to your spell-casting in Elden Ring, you're certainly not alone. The game offers a handful of spells that summon homing missiles of sorts to keep enemies at bay or punish them for approaching you. Among them is the sorcery Carian Phalanx, which can be obtained by advancing through a dungeon in Liurnia of the Lakes and earning access to an optional but important area. Read on for the lowdown on how to grab this useful spell.

Carian Phalanx explained

Carian Phalanx is a sorcery that requires 34 Intelligence to cast. It summons numerous magical glintblades that will fire at your foes when they come within a certain distance of you. This makes it an excellent option to cast prior to getting close to an enemy so that the blades hit them while you're casting other spells, allowing you to maximize your damage output.

Carian Phalanx's item description reads:

One of the sorceries of the Carian royal family. Creates a defensive arch of numerous magic glintblades overhead, which automatically attack nearby foes. This sorcery can be used cast while in motion. An enhanced version of the glintblade sorcery used by enchanted knights.

Where to find Carian Phalanx

Carian Phalanx can be purchased from Preceptor Seluvis at Seluvis's Rise in Liurnia of the Lakes for 6,000 runes. In order to reach this area of the biome, you'll need to fight your way through Caria Manor in the north, defeat the boss there, and then exit out the back of the manor.

Seluvis's Rise
Seluvis's Rise

Seluvis must first be talked to in his spectral form at Ranni's Rise, which is the westernmost tower in the area behind the Manor. It's here that you'll begin Ranni the Witch's questline--of which Seluvis plays a fairly meaningful part. Once you've spoken to him as part of the quest, you'll be able to find him in his own tower in the southern part of the area behind the manor.

Here, Seluvis will ask you to deliver a potion to Nepheli Loux. At this point, you can return to Roundtable Hold and opt to give her the potion, speak to Gideon Ofnir and have him dispose of it, or hold onto it and follow the Dung Eater questline and give it to him closer to the end of the game. The decision you make will tie into part of a much larger quest, but your goal of obtaining Carian Phalanx is simply to make one of those decisions and then return to Seluvis.

Once you've decided how to handle the potion situation, Seluvis will provide you with a shop featuring a few exclusive sorceries. Among them is Carian Phalanx, which you can purchase for 12,000 runes.

Note: Alternatively, you can wait until you've completed Ranni's lengthy questline, at which point Seluvis will be deceased, allowing you to obtain his bell bearing at Seluvis's Rise. You can take Seluvis's Bell Bearing to the Twin Maiden Husks at Roundtable Hold and buy all of his sorceries there, including Carian Phalanx.

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