Elden Ring: Where To Get Briars Of Sin

This sorcery is bloody fun.


For many people, part of the fun of building a character in Elden Ring is ensuring that you've got the coolest-looking weapons, armor, and spells at your disposal. If that sounds like you, you may want to give Briars of Sin a look. Although this sorcery weirdly requires you to have some points in Faith, it's got plenty of visual flourish that may just make it worth the investment. In this guide, we'll tell you where to round it up.

Briars of Sin explained

Briars of Sin is a sorcery that requires 24 Faith to cast. It creates bloody thorns in a circle around you to deal AOE damage, but it also deals damage to you in the process.

Briars of Sin's item description reads:

An aberrant sorcery, discovered along with red glintstone by those exiled to the north for their crimes. Summons large thorns from a whorl of bloodshed by one's own hand in penance for sins. This sorcery can be cast repeatedly. The Academy reviles this sorcery, which draws its power from faith.

Where to find Briars of Sin

Briars of Sin is dropped by an enemy in Liurnia of the Lakes. Exit the lake directly to the east of Raya Lucaria Academy, then head north until the road breaks to the left. Take that path and then walk south to find an enemy wielding a flame staff surrounded by a few fire slugs.

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Alternatively, you can warp to the Artist's Shack Site of Grace and head directly northwest across the rocks to reach the enemy, provided you've found and unlocked that fast travel spot.

Either way you decide to reach the enemy, it should prove quick and easy to defeat. When it dies, loot its body for Briars of Sin.

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