Elden Ring: Where To Find Stars Of Ruin

Another legendary sorcery to add to your collection.


On your quest to obtain all of the legendary spells in Elden Ring, you'll need to grab Stars of Ruin. However, this one will require you to put some effort into one of the game's sorcery-focused side-quests. Don't worry, though, because we've got all of the info you'll need to track down this sorcery and add it to your collection.

Stars of Ruin explained

Stars of Ruin is a sorcery that requires 43 Intelligence to cast. It fires homing stars at enemies dealing significant poise damage. Because of this, it's especially useful in PvP encounters.

Stars of Ruin's item description reads:

Legendary sorcery devised by Lusat, primeval sorcerers. Fires twelve dark shooting stars that pursue the target. This sorcery can be cast while in motion. Charging increases potency. When Lusat glimpsed into the primeval current, he beheld the final moments of a great star cluster, and upon seeing it, he too was broken.

Where to find Stars of Ruin

Stars of Ruin is found inside Sellia Hideaway in Caelid. While you can access this exceptionally well-hidden cave at any point, getting the spell requires an item gained during a side-quest. That being said, make sure you follow our Sorceress Sellen Quest Guide until you reach the point where she grants you the Sellian Spellbreaker and requests that you seek out Master Lusat.

Once you're in possession of the Sellian Spellbreaker, head to northeastern Caelid to the location on the map below. You'll notice a sorcerer standing in front of a tall tombstone in this area. Behind the tombstone is an illusory wall that you can break to access Sellia Hideaway.

Break an illusory wall here to access Sellia Hideaway.
Break an illusory wall here to access Sellia Hideaway.

In this dark cave, follow the linear path and kill the miners along the way. When you reach a choice between dropping into a pit or crossing a crystal, do the latter. Continue onward, jumping over a few gaps until you reach another crystal leading down in the direction from which you just came. You'll know it's the right one if you see a crystal snail hanging out on it.

Follow the crystals down into a second pit. In the corner of this area is a barrier that can be opened using the Sellian Spellbreaker. Inside, you'll find Master Lusat, and interacting with him will earn you Stars of Ruin, as well as progress Sorceress Sellen's quest.

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