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Elden Ring Streamer Finds New Way To Play Game Using Only Their Mind

This takes mind games to a whole new level.


Uk-based streamer Perri has recently discovered a new to play Elden Ring. While other streamers, such as MissMikkaa, have played the game with a dance pad, Perri is playing it with their mind.

In a series of videos uploaded to their TikTok and Instagram accounts, you can see how they play using a headset that looks similar to what Professor Xavier would wear in the X-Men. The headset they're wearing is called an Electroencephalogram (EEG). It uses a sensor pad soaked in saline solution to create conductivity on their head that detects electrical activity.

In one TikTok video, you can see them cast a series of spells on a couple of NPCs to kill them while backing up to avoid damage and switch weapons. While in another video, you can see them standing far away from their set-up, proving that they're only playing with their mind.

On their Twitch account, you can watch a handful of streams where they play with nothing but their mind, er, Electroencephalogram.

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