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Elden Ring Speedrunner Beats Game In Under An Hour

Despite being out for less than two weeks, the speedrunning community is already making quick work of Elden Ring.


For some people, beating Elden Ring can take upwards of 70 hours. For Souls speedrunner LilAggy, however, just one is all he needed.

Merely two days after a YouTuber by the name niko bellic made news for beating the entirety of Elden Ring in just two hours and 35 minutes, Twitch streamer LilAggy figured out a way to shed that time down to just 59 minutes. Of course in doing so, LilAggy utilized a number of glitches, bugs, and teleports. Nevertheless, his speedrun is still very impressive to watch.

Spoilers for Elden Ring are included in the video below.

After creating his character--a Samurai equipped with one of the game's Golden Seeds--LilAggy blazed through the game's intro and made his way across the map to Raya Lucaria Academy, where he then took advantage of a way to teleport his character straight to Volcano Manor. While he managed to avoid most of the game's 12 "mandatory" bosses through using glitches and quick resets, he did take on Godskin Noble, the Godskin Duo, Maliketh, Gideon, Radagon, and the Elden Beast. While LilAggy said the run was "far from perfect," as he died a few times while taking on Maliketh, he still still managed to complete his play through in under and hour, setting a new world record.

Considering Elden Ring has been out less than two weeks (and the speedrunning community's long-standing adoration for From Software games and figuring out the best way to breeze through them), it's likely we'll see even more record-shattering gameplay sooner rather than later. For those of you trying to get through the game the old-fashioned way however, be sure to check out our various guides. Whether you're still stuck on choosing a class and figuring out how to get past Margit the Fell Omen, or are trying to collect every last golden Seed and Sacred Tear, we've got you covered.

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