Elden Ring Player Becomes Almost Unstoppable With Mech Build

Abandon all hope if you encounter this overpowered player during an Elden Ring invasion.


After a month in the wild, Elden Ring players have begun to discover creative builds for their Tarnished avatars. Take YouTuber Adam Barker for example, who uploaded a video of his almost-unstoppable warrior who can be seen annihilating other players when he invades their realms.

As spotted by Eurogamer, Barker's build uses the Ironjar Aromatic consumable to turn his character's body into steel by consuming focus points. Cerulean Hidden Tear and Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear in his mixed Physik flask cancel out the FP consumption and also convert damage into health points, while Unendurable Frenzy caps off the build by unleashing devastating flames of frenzy.

While the build doesn't make Barker completely unstoppable, it's still powerful enough to make him a walking nightmare for any solo player who encounters him during an invasion.

Elden Ring recently received its first major post-launch patch--rest in peace character builds focused on Moonveil Katana--and one YouTuber recently discovered how faithful steed Torrent almost had its own attack.

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