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Elden Ring Mohg Boss Battle Guide: How To Beat The Lord Of Blood

Mohg is an optional boss, but you'll want to take him on for his bounty of dropped Runes if nothing else.


Plenty of boss battles in Elden Ring are optional, but From Software fans know that "optional" isn't going to stop them from taking on the bosses. Mohg, Lord of Blood is a prime example of an optional boss that is well worth the effort, as he's difficult to find and even more challenging to fight. While you can skip him completely if you wish to, the fight against this hellish lord can be rather alluring, especially considering what he drops upon defeat. Here's how to defeat Mohg, Lord of Blood.

Elden Ring Mohg fight

Mohg, Lord of Blood is located in Mohgwyn Palace, and you can seek the nearest Site of Grace at Dynasty Mausoleum Midpoint. Up the stairs and to the right awaits Mohg, a fearsome demi-god who stands tall but drops a lovely 420,000 Runes if you can overcome him. He'll also drop the Remembrance of the Blood Lord consumable, which can be sold for another 30,000 Runes or traded at Roundtable Hold to unlock its related weapon, Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear, or incantation, Bloodboon.

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First phase

Right when you enter, spawn your Mimic Tear Spirit Ash. It will act like a tank and take a lot of damage from you while dishing out some of its own, too. If you have the Comet Azur (found in Mt. Gelmir) spell and are a casting kind of player, this will be very helpful here. As soon as Mohg appears, unload your Comet Azur into Mohg as he slowly approaches. You'll deal a lot of damage while he fails to hit you even once during this opening volley. It's also very helpful to use Mohg's Shackle in this fight, as you can freeze Mohg in place more than once and deal a ton of damage early on. You can find it underneath Leyndell in an area called Subterranean Shunning-Grounds.

Keep your distance and allow the Mimic Tear to continue tanking for you. Mohg has several melee combo attacks, and your best bet is going to be to dash right after these combos are finished, which you'll learn by observing how he attacks the Mimic Tear. If you're a conjurer, you can continue to unload spells into him, such as Rock Sling, but if you have to get in close, something that does bleeding damage is ideal--perhaps Ghiza's Wheel.

So long as you stay out of his way and let the Mimic Tear do your dirty work, this first phase won't be so bad.

Second phase

His second phase begins before his health bar is totally depleted, and he'll start by using his Blood Curse to leech HP from you when he's at 33% health. Have your healing flask handy to quickly heal yourself or else he may topple you in that instant. You can also avoid the leeching entirely by combining your Flask of Wonderous Physik with the Purifying Crystal Tear and consuming it shortly before this moment.

In his second phase, his moves are largely the same except he gains the ability to fly. He mostly hovers just above the battlefield, however, and his attacks don't change much. So long as your Mimic Tear is still putting in work, you should be free to conjure safely from a distance or rush in to attack in between combos. Keep applying bleeding damage by any means necessary and eventually, you'll come out on top, pocketing a blazing 420,000 Runes.

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