Elden Ring Mini Figurines Are Available To Preorder, And They Are Adorable

Melina and a maidenless hero wearing Raging Wolf armor are joining Bandai Namco's Figuarts lineup.


Elden Ring fans who can't get enough of the Lands Between can now preorder two mini figurines to display on the Shelves Between the rest of your collectibles that may or may not be dusty. The figures are designed after the Maiden Melina and the Tarnished. Each figure costs $30--a reasonable price in the world of collectible figures--and you're limited to two of each one. While they don't have a firm release date, preorders are expected to ship in late 2022. You can check out both figures below.

If you're looking for more Elden Ring merch, the Bandai Namco Store has a growing collection of products beyond the figures. There are various T-shirts and hoodies featuring key art from the game. You can even grab an oversized mousepad that's large enough to house your keyboard and mouse. Those who adore the music of Elden Ring and have a turntable can join the waiting list for a limited-edition vinyl set featuring eight vinyls tucked inside an elegant slipcase.

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