Elden Ring Mimic Tear: Where To Get This Powerful Spirit Ash And Why You Should

This Spirit Ash is the closest thing to an easy mode in Elden Ring.


Elden Ring's huge selection of Spirit Ashes offers a useful method for which to gain an upper hand in a battle without having to summon another real-life player. In some cases, they can even be a better option due to their unique skillsets, and that's definitely true with the Mimic Tear. It's arguably the best Spirit Ash option you'll come across in the Lands Between, and it can make even the game's most challenging fights significantly more manageable. In this guide, we'll take a look at this Spirit Ash and share why it's an ideal choice for nearly any build.

Why you'll definitely want the Mimic Tear Spirit Ash

While most Spirit Ashes summon spectral versions of fallen foes that vary in usefulness depending on the battle, the Mimic Tear provides a completely unique opportunity for you to nearly double your power and survivability by cloning yourself. That's right--the Mimic Tear actually summons an identical clone of you that sports whatever gear and weapon you've currently got equipped.

Mimic Tear
Mimic Tear

The AI-controlled clone of your character will make excellent use of your abilities and can even use your prepared and equipped perfumes and other craftable items. They'll even heal themselves with their own flasks after taking a bit of damage. In other words, they're invaluable against tough enemies that would otherwise wipe the floor with other summons that don't possess self-sustaining mechanics.

Because the Mimic Tear copies whatever gear you're wearing when you summon it, you can even equip specific weapons or armor you want them to use and then quickly swap your own out after the summoning is complete. This is especially useful for giving them one type of status-inflicting weapon and then switching to another type for yourself. Facing a boss that's weak against bleed and frost? Have them use a bleeding weapon and wield a frost weapon for yourself to stack that damage.

Where to find the Mimic Tear Spirit Ash

In order to obtain the Mimic Tear, you'll need to have defeated one of the game's most challenging bosses, Radahn, who is the final encounter of Redmane Castle in southeastern Caelid. Radahn is a mid-game boss, so your chances of taking him down early in the game are considerably low. Later on, he's still a huge challenge, but using the Hoarfrost Stomp (either on this weapon or by itself southeast of Caria Manor) makes it much easier.

Once you defeat him, an event will occur that causes a star to fall from the sky and land in Mistwood, which is the heavily-wooded area located in eastern Limgrave. Head there next.

Once you arrive in Mistwood and find the massive crater left by the fallen star, you'll have to make your way down into the subterranean area known as Nokron, Eternal City. This location begins by having you cross a bunch of rooftops until you come across a town square filled with enemies and only one main path forward. As you make your way through this path, you'll come to a boss room wherein you'll actually face the Mimic Tear version of yourself in battle.

Exact location of Mimic Tear
Exact location of Mimic Tear

Unfortunately, the Mimic Tear boss battle isn't where you find the Spirit Ashes, so you'll want to continue onward past this point across the long bridge ahead until you see a crumbled part that allows you to jump down into the Ancestral Woods. From here, stick to the left of the cliffs for a bit until you discover a Site of Grace hidden away on a cliffside. You should see a rooftop you can jump to from the Site of Grace. Follow the rooftops through a fairly linear path where you'll fight a few Silver Tear enemies, and then eventually drop through a window. In this area, you'll find the Mimic Tear behind a fog door that can be opened using a Stonesword Key.

After finding the Mimic Tear, be sure to head back to Roundtable Hold and have Roderika upgrade the Spirit Ash as much as you can, and continue doing so at any opportunity to ensure its damage and health stay as high as possible until it maxes out at +10.

If you're feeling lost in your journey through Elden Ring, check out this interactive map for a little bit of extra guidance.

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