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Elden Ring: How To Get Ordovis' Greatsword

This hulking weapon is great for a Strength/Faith hybrid build.


Elden Ring most certainly has no shortage of weapons, and hybrid builds who want to use a bit of spell-casting alongside their melee attacks will enjoy the Ordovis' Greatsword. If you're using a Strength and Faith hybrid build, this powerful weapon not only lets you dish out significant amounts of damage, but it also sports a unique weapon skill that can clear out hoards of enemies with relative ease.

Ordovis' Greatsword explained

Ordovis' Greatsword is a greatsword that requires 25 Strength, 13 Dexterity, and 15 Faith to wield. It can dish out significant damage and can make quick work of enemies and bosses, especially once you've upgraded it a few times.

Perhaps the best part of Ordovis' Greatsword, though, is its unique weapon skill called Ordovis' Vortex, which winds up for a few seconds before slamming into the ground for a medium-sized AOE burst with huge damage potential. It can be charged for even more damage and only costs a little bit of FP, making it an extremely useful burst attack when enemies leave you an opening.

Ordovis' Greatsword item description reads:

Greatsword of Ordovis, one of the two honored as foremost among the knights of the Crucible. This sword is imbued with an ancient holiness. Its scarlet tint exemplifies the nature of primordial gold, said to be close to life itself.

Where to find Ordovis' Greatsword

Ordovis' Greatsword is found within the Auriza Hero's Grave, which is located near the northern entrance to Leyndell, Royal Capital. Unfortunately, this mini-dungeon is one hell of an undertaking, requiring you to dodge multiple rolling chariots that can kill you in a single hit. As you navigate your way to the bottom of the dungeon, you'll have to solve a variety of environmental puzzles to thwart the chariots and ultimately reach the boss fog door.

Auriza Hero's Grave
Auriza Hero's Grave

What you'll find behind the fog door isn't much easier--two Crucible Knights await you inside, promising an immensely challenging showdown that won't leave you much room for attacks, especially if you're running a melee build. Taking these two jerks down will be a lengthy process unless you happen to have already reached the endgame and leveled well beyond them.

If you're struggling with tackling the two Crucible Knights, perhaps try using the Mimic Tear Spirit Ash to aid you in your fight. This can help split the two foes apart and allow you an opportunity to more quickly whittle away at one while your clone keeps the other busy. Whatever method you decide on for taking the bosses down, though, your hard work will net you Ordovis' Greatsword and an overwhelming sense of satisfaction.

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