Elden Ring - How To Beat Radagon

The first half of the final fight of the game is as hard as you'd expect, but learning his moveset will lead you to victory.


You've come so far! After taking down Godfrey, it's finally time to venture through the doors of the Erdtree. Fittingly for a game as consistently punishing as Elden Ring, the "final boss" is really two bosses back-to-back. The first one you'll encounter within the smoldering trunk is Radagon of the Golden Order, the other half of Queen Marika and second Elden Lord.

Like all of the toughest fights in From Software games, taking down Radagon will require patience, concentration, and--more likely than not--dying a few times. Learning the attack patterns and getting comfortable is more important here than in any other fight in the game, as you'll be thrown right into the next boss arena without a chance to rest after defeating him. Here's everything you need to come out the other side Elden Lord.

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What to know before going in

Just getting to Radagon requires defeating many of the hardest bosses in the game, so you should naturally be at a high level by the time you reach him. To make the experience as painless as possible, aim to be around level 150, with at least 40 points invested in Vigor to avoid getting one-shotted.

Going into the fight with a leveled-up Spirit Summon can make a world of difference. You want something beefy enough to draw aggro and survive a few hits from Radagon while you regroup and refill HP. Per usual, the Mimic Tear Ash is a reliable choice, even post-nerf. (Note: If your Spirit Summon dies here, it won't be around to help with the follow-up boss. If you're feeling confident, you can take on Radagon solo and hold off on your summon).

Many of Radagon's attacks deal holy damage, so consider stocking up on Holyproof Dried Livers or equipping Divine Fortification incantations before going in. In addition, being a God boss, he is significantly weak to Godskin magic. Black Flame incantations can be a big help if you have the faith required to use them.

How to beat Radagon

Luckily, most of Radagon's attacks are fairly well telegraphed, even if they do massive damage when they land. Some of his attacks can be effectively blocked with the right shield, but, for the most part, you'll be better served dodge-rolling your way through the fight. He is more easily staggered than you might assume, so always be ready to get off a critical hit.

It takes a moment for him to notice you when you first enter the arena. Take advantage of his vulnerable state to get in a free attack or two. Here are all the moves to look out for during phase one:

First phase

  • A strong backswing followed by an AOE explosion. When he winds his hammer back and it starts to glow gold, be ready to roll behind him. After he swings, the ground will glow gold in front of him and explode a couple of seconds later. Stick behind him and get in a few hits while he recovers.
  • A two-handed smash. His hammer will glow gold and he'll raise it above his head before bringing it down, creating an AOE blast all around him. Simply roll through it to avoid damage.
  • A grab attack. Once his arm starts glowing gold, get ready to dodge the grab incoming a few seconds later. Deal some damage while he recovers.
  • A lightning spear incantation. Dodge the bolt right as he hurls it at you, then quickly get some distance, as it will stick in the ground and explode a moment after.
  • He will sometimes fire five smaller bolts at you at once. Dodge through these.
  • If you get too far away, he will often close the distance by flying towards you with a sweeping attack. Be ready to dodge this if your strategy involves ranged weapons or spells.

The rest of his attacks during phase one should be easy to avoid with a little practice. Block or dodge through his hammer swings, and roll sideways out of the way of his forward stomps.

Once you've taken out a third or so of his health bar, he will add some new devastating attacks to his repertoire. Most notably, be on the lookout for the following:

Second phase

  • A stomp followed up by a jump-down attack. He will begin phase two with this move every time. Jump over the blast when he stomps down. He will then jump into the air, hover in place for a few seconds, and finally come smashing down for a AOE blast. The timing can be a bit tricky here, but simply roll through as he hits the ground to avoid damage.
  • He will begin to teleport, disappearing for about half a second before reappearing in a burst of lightning (usually right in your face). Roll back right as he reappears to avoid damage.
  • A massive shockwave AOE. He will slam his hammer down three times, sending huge shockwaves at you. You can roll through them pretty easily, but keep your distance; you will take guaranteed damage if you're too close. His recovery time is substantial after this, so be ready to run in for some quick hits.

It will take some practice to get the timing down for these moves. Don't get greedy, stay reactive, and you will have his health bar down to zero in no time. Hopefully you've managed to save a few Flasks, because you're only halfway through the final fight of the game! It's now time to take on the Elden Beast.

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