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Elden Ring Gets Nice Discount At Amazon And Walmart

The PlayStation version of GameSpot's 2022 game of the year is on sale at Amazon and Walmart.


2022 has been a blockbuster year for video games, but out of all the titles released so far, Elden Ring has staked a claim as one of the best around. In fact, Elden Ring was just named GameSpot's Game of the Year. If you haven't played this stunning open-world adventure, you can pick up the PlayStation version for only $45 at Amazon and Walmart right now.

Though this deal specifically applies to the PlayStation 4 physical edition, it's important to note that Elden Ring has a free PS5 upgrade.

If you're a fan of souls-like games, Elden Ring is a must-have title. It doesn't stray too far from the Dark Souls and Bloodborne formula of high-risk and high-reward gameplay, but its open-world design is a work of art that few games can match, let alone surpass. Dripping with detail and stuffed to the digital brim with secrets, Elden Ring is challenging but engrossing gameplay that always offers its players something new to discover while they explore the vast land in front of them.

"In a genre that has become wrought with bloated and over-designed games, Elden Ring is defiantly contrarian in almost every way," Tamoor Hussain wrote in GameSpot's Elden Ring review. "Its commitment to design by subtraction and to placing the responsibility of charting a path through its world entirely on the player makes it stand head and shoulders above other open-world titles. Elden Ring takes the shards of what came before and forges them into something that will go down in history as one of the all-time greats: a triumph in design and creativity, and an open-world game that distinguishes itself for what it doesn't do as much as what it does."

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