Elden Ring Game Boy Demake Is Real And Playable

Ditch Elden Ring's fancy graphics for this deadly link to the past.


For those of you who have had it up to here with Elden Ring's high graphical fidelity and crisp color palette, good news: There's now a fan-made demake version that dials back the visuals by several decades.

Created by Shintendo, the Elden Ring demake looks like a Game Boy era title, and draws plenty of inspiration from The Legend of Zelda title that appeared on that handheld console. You won't find any three-dimensional monsters attacking your Tarnished warrior here or any lands beyond Limgrave and its deadly destinations, as the project has simpler and more retro graphics that fit in with its demake theme.

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In terms of gameplay, you'll be able to attack and roll out of harm's way--there's even a Margit boss fight--and there are a few NPCs to interact with as well. If you feel like trying it out, you can head to its homepage link on itch.io here, where it's playable in your browser or through emulators.

In Elden Ring-related news, a new pair of mini-figures are now available to preorder, the Internet tore Elon Musk's maidenless build apart, and modders are working on adding a seamless co-op mode to the PC version of the game.

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