Elden Ring: Best Keepsake To Pick During Character Creation

Make the most of the beginning of your journey.


Elden Ring Keepsakes may sound like a new item, but they're actually the "gifts" you remember if you've played the Dark Souls games. As such, you'll be picking one right when you start your adventure into the Lands Between, and this decision can have an impact on your journey. Some are much better than others, and you have to make a decision to pick the best Keepsake.

You can also opt not to take a Keepsake at all if you want to be hardcore, but for everyone else, here's the lowdown on your options and which ones are worth consideration. Check out our guide hub for more help with Elden Ring, too.

Crimson Amber Medallion

This Keepsake is likely the best choice for most players, as it grants you increased HP right out the gate. You'll likely find better and more versatile talismans a few hours into the game, but being able to take an extra hit without dying can prove immensely helpful in the opening hours. Note that you have to have the medallion equipped to receive the bonus, and you won't be able to equip more than one until you get an item after a crucial boss fight.

Lands Between Rune

This rune can be used to grant you a decent amount of runes to spend on leveling or items at the beginning of the game. While more runes are always nice to have, simply killing enemies will earn you plenty of them early anyways, making this Keepsake a fairly poor choice for most players.

You can opt not to take a Keepsake.
You can opt not to take a Keepsake.

Golden Seed

Golden Seeds are used to permanently upgrade the number of charges in your healing flask by resting at a Site of Grace and applying them. You'll get a lot of these through exploration throughout your adventure, but this is one of the best Keepsakes because more survivability is always welcome. Your first Golden Seed increases your flask by one charge. Later on, you'll need more than one to add another charge.

Fanged Imp Ashes

These Spirit Ashes can be used after obtaining the Spirit Casting Bell, providing you with spectral allies to help fend off your enemies. You'll get plenty of more powerful options in the first few hours of your journey, so this Keepsake isn't really a great pick unless you're just really intrigued by this specific Spirit Ashes.

Cracked Pot

Cracked Pots are used in crafting throwable items. Pots can be reused infinitely, though you can only craft one item per pot at a time. This isn't a very good choice for a Keepsake, however, and you'll get tons of these by exploring and purchasing them from merchants.

Stonesword Key

These keys are used to open a wide variety of magically blocked-off areas. By using them on pedestals at the entrances to these locations, you can find tons of cool treasure throughout The Lands Between. You'll find plenty of these keys if you thoroughly explore the world, but having a spare at the beginning doesn't hurt, either.

Stonesword Key is a viable Keepsake option.
Stonesword Key is a viable Keepsake option.

Bewitching Branch

This Keepsake provides you with five consumable items capable of charming enemies, which turns them into temporary allies that can fight alongside you. This isn't a particularly useful starting item, though, due to the limited uses and the fact that they can be crafted later in the game anyways.

Boiled Prawn

This Keepsake is among the worst options. It provides you with five consumable items that can boost your defense against physical attacks. These won't last you very long--if you even remember to use them--so maybe pass on them in favor of something considerably better.

Shabriri's Woe

This talisman can be equipped to attract enemies to you and keep them off your pals in co-op, making it a solid Keepsake if you intend to build a character for tanking. Combine it with high Vigor and Endurance stats, heavy armor, and a large shield to be the ultimate damage sponge for those you're hoping to help.

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