Elastic Boy stretches onto WiiWare

Nintendo Store Update: Lexis Numerique's puzzle platformer joined by DSiWare releases Cosmos X2, myNotebook: Pearl, and Music on: Learning Piano.

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Nintendo has had a busy Monday thus far, announcing not only a $20 price cut for the DSi and DSi XL, but also a November 29 ship date for one of its more anticipated fall releases, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Of course, Mondays are also when the publisher adds new content to its online stores for the Wii and DSi, with this week's additions including a new puzzle platformer for WiiWare and a side-scrolling shooter for DSiWare.

Lexis Numerique's Tales of Elastic Boy - Mission 1 represents the sole new addition to the Wii's original-game download service this week. Available for 600 Wii points ($6), Tales of Elastic Boy offers a brightly colored world in which the titular globular hero attempts to navigate the environment by rolling and slingshotting himself to various points. The game supports play for up to two.

Elastic Boy isn't much of a stretch on WiiWare.
Elastic Boy isn't much of a stretch on WiiWare.

On DSiWare, Saturnine Games' side-scrolling shoot-'em-up Cosmos X2 is available for 500 DSi points ($5). Cosmos X2 tasks players with orchestrating a counterattack to an alien invasion. The game's hook is its weapon-switching mechanic, in which damage done to the ship impairs the player's primary weapon while enemy ships killed repairs the inactive secondary weapon.

As for non-game games, the DSiWare has also been updated with myNotebook: Pearl and Music on: Learning Piano. The former is available for 500 DSi points ($5) and offers 24 different paper styles on which system owners can doodle or take notes in five different ink colors. The Learning Piano app costs 200 DSi points ($2) and lets players peck along on the DS's touch screen to 15 classics from the likes of Beethoven, Pachelbel, Bach, Strauss, and Verdi.

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@mand they still make money on vc games, they aint free you know

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@Asagea_888 For Nintendo WiiWare = more money....VC = Money they have to spend...so it kinda sucks lol

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What happened to the Virtual Console? Did Nintendo simply decide to ignore it in favor of WiiWare? I'm all for WiiWare, but it seems to me that they're overemphasizing it to the point of leaving the VC to the cobwebs.

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ugh no top gear . . will scream next week if no top gear appears

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VC games please...