El classico - KT Rolster faces SKT T1 in the finals of the first round of Proleague

Considered the ultimate team rivalry in Brood War, it is once again time for the two greatest Starcraft dynasties to clash in yet another exciting Bo7.


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Having faced each other in four total Proleague grand finals so far, KT Rolster and SKT T1 are looking to repeat the feat as they have both shown exceeding prowess against their opponents throughout the first round of the 2013-2014 SK Proleague and will face each other in the finals of the first round of the year-long tournament.

KT Rolster, who had accumulated the most amount of wins throughout the first round, were directly seeded in to the finals, whilst SKT T1 have had to dredge through both Jin Air Green Wings and Samsung Galaxy Khan to reach the finals. Their encounter against the up-and-coming Jin Air Green Wings was a very one-sided affair, as it ended with a score of 4-1 in favor of SKT T1, but their encounter earlier today against Samsung Galaxy Khan was an entirely different ordeal and went the full distance and ended with a score of 4-3 to SKT T1.

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