Eight total players will attend the Red Bull Battleground's circuit finals in Washington D.C. in September

All the participants aside from last Red Bull Battleground's event in New York, PartinG and sOs, will be drawn from the five events the energy drink producer will be putting on throughout the summer.


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Red Bull, who earlier in the year recruited NASL commentator Ben ‘MrBitter’ Nichols, will be garnering an additional six participants to the tournament circuit’s conclusion in Washington D.C. this September. The various tournaments that will make players eligible to attend the grand finals include online qualifiers for NA, a global qualifier and a final online qualifier where a player of any nationality will be free to enter.

It goes without saying that all winners of the two upcoming LANs in Atlanta and Detroit will be provided with a slot at the concluding tournament in the North American capital. Aside from these LANs, the winner of the upcoming MLG Anaheim event will also receive a spot at the grand finals.

All of the qualifiers aside from the online qualifier, which will feature eight players in the final bracket, will be made up of three separate 512 man qualifiers in which the winner and runner-up will be placed into a final six-man single-elimination bracket to decide who qualifies for the main event.

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