Eidos to be Squared by May

Publisher lays out timeline for completion of Square Enix acquisition, expects to be wholly owned by Japanese RPG maker as of April 22.


Call the caterers, because Eidos and Square Enix have set their wedding date. Eidos today released a planned schedule for its acquisition by the role-playing game publisher, and the union is set to be consummated on April 22.

Lara Croft: Master of Unnecessary Gymnastics.
Lara Croft: Master of Unnecessary Gymnastics.

As with any wedding, there's plenty to be done before the big day. Eidos has a meeting set for March 27 at which shareholders must approve a variety of resolutions related to the acquisition. If that goes forward as expected, on April 21, all listing and dealing of Eidos shares will be suspended, and on April 22, the company will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Square Enix.

The Japanese publisher's offer of £84.3 million ($120 million) has been unanimously recommended to Eidos shareholders by the firm's board. That total represents an offer of 32 pence ($0.46) per share, which is more than triple the company's value when the initial approach was made.

The deal is particularly enticing for Square Enix, because the Japanese publisher is making a concerted effort to increase its success in North America and Europe. While Final Fantasy is a heavy-hitting franchise around the world, Square Enix has traditionally lacked broadly appealing action games like Eidos' Tomb Raider and Hitman franchises. Previously, Square Enix attempted to acquire Ninja Gaiden publisher Tecmo, only to find its advances rebuffed in favor of a union with Dynasty Warriors publisher Koei.

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