Eidos rubbishes next-gen Fear Effect reports

Publisher refutes <i>Hollywood Reporter</i> article that new game is in development but says it is weighing its options.


Last week, The Hollywood Reporter ran a story on the upcoming film adaptation of the original PlayStation franchise Fear Effect. In it, the entertainment-industry daily claimed not only that Rumble in the Bronx director Stanley Tong was in talks to helm the project, but that it would tie in to an upcoming Fear Effect game for "next-generation consoles." Given the fond memories many gamers have of Fear Effect and its sequel, Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix, the Reporter piece raised hopes that Eidos would soon announce the game officially.

Now, Eidos has indeed made an official announcement regarding a next-generation Fear Effect--but it isn't the one fans of the series wanted to hear. "There have been some recent reports that Eidos is developing a third Fear Effect title for next-generation consoles," the UK-based, SCi Entertainment-owned publisher told GameSpot. "Although there is no title currently in development, this is something we are considering at this time and we will update accordingly."

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