Eidos reveals E3 lineup

The house that Lara built will have new Tomb Raider, New Hitman, 25 to Life, and new Commandos on display.


As the lists of publishers of games that will be shown at the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles this May rolls in, it's becoming apparent that many are counting on both original titles and new chapters in existing franchises.

Eidos' E3 lineup is no different. The UK-based publisher is bringing back several familiar faces and a new urban shooter.

Tomb Raider: Legend brings back the buxom Lara Croft with a new look, engine, and developer, Crystal Dynamics. Legend is scheduled for release on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC. The game is also slated to be on the next-generation Xbox and PSP, but Eidos has not revealed any plans to demo either of those versions.

Hitman: Blood Money sees the bald assassin, Agent 47, in the midst of a rivalry between two contractors. The cold-blooded killer will be paid in cash, which the gamer can spend how he chooses. Blood Money will be released on the PS2, Xbox, and PC.

Commandos Strike Force returns the elite soldiers to the front line of WWII. There will be three unique characters to choose from: the Green Beret, sniper, and spy. Commandos Strike Force is slated to hit stores in the second quarter of 2005 on the PS2, Xbox, and PC.

Previously shown at last year's E3, 25 to Life is an updated version of the classic cops and robbers game played on playgrounds. The original game is set in a gritty crime-ridden urban gangland, and gamers will choose to play as gang members or policemen. A hearty online mode supports up to 16 players. Look for 25 to Life this summer on the PS2, Xbox, and PC.

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