Eidos releases Thief: Deadly Shadows patch

New update fixes widely reported level-difficulty reset bug in the PC version of the game; no plans for Xbox update announced.


Thief: Deadly Shadows

Today, Eidos released a patch for its stealth action sequel Thief: Deadly Shadows. The patch comes a little more than a week after a bug was reported in the game's level-difficulty settings. According to some players, games saved at the "expert" level would revert to the default "normal" difficulty level when restarted or when players revisited previously explored levels. Specifically, the bug affects AI-controlled characters' awareness and combat abilities and was present in both the Xbox and PC versions of the game.

According to Eidos, the new patch, which is available on GameSpot DLX, remedies the issue in the PC version of the game. "This patch will correct the issue where a game saved on a more difficult setting will revert back to the default difficulty upon reloading," read an e-mail from Eidos.

However, no update has been released to remedy the reported problem in the Xbox version of the game. There had been some speculation that an auto-update that would fix the bug would be released via Xbox Live. Typically, though, games that are not Xbox Live-enabled are not patched via the service. When asked by GameSpot about an patch, Eidos reps said, "We are still currently looking into that for the Xbox version."

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