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Eidos releases Project: Snowblind Xbox Live map, PC demo

Eidos spruces up one console version of its squad-based shooter while making a new PC demo available.


Developer Crystal Dynamics has polished off its first content update for the Xbox version of Project: Snowblind. A new map called Repair Bay is now available for Xbox Live users to download for free.

In a statement, Eidos said that Repair Bay "consists of several multistory repair hangars, flanking a set of administrative offices in the middle. The Repair Bay's mix of indoor spaces and midsized courtyards are ideal for heated battles focusing on close-quarters combat, while its rooftop access and guard towers provide tactical options for base defense."

Today, Eidos also released a demo of the PC version of Project: Snowblind. Available on GameSpot DLX, the 218MB demo features the level known as Jailbreak, which consists of a dilapidated opera house used as a Republic jail. Players' objective is to storm the heavily guarded building and locate and rescue one Dr. Liaw.

Project: Snowblind was released in March for the PC and in February for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. The game was originally designed as the next chapter in the Deus Ex series but was converted to an original game after Deus Ex: Invisible War's lukewarm sales.

Crystal Dynamics is currently working on Tomb Raider: Legend, which will also be published by Eidos.

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