Eidos packs in the extras with Soul Reaver 2

Read about the extras and bonus materials that will be included in the Soul Reaver 2 game disc.


Eidos Interactive has announced that Soul Reaver 2, its upcoming PlayStation 2 DVD-ROM game, will have a variety of extra features and bonus materials. In addition to the game itself, the Soul Reaver 2 disc will include 30 minutes of voice casting outtakes, 600 still images of concept art, promotional material, character renders, opening cinematics and soundtrack for Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and Soul Reaver 2, the never-before-seen Blood Omen 2 trailer and other Eidos game trailers, developer credits and photos, and a collection of scripts and cinema sequences titled History of Nosgoth Dark Chronicle. Soul Reaver 2 is one of the first North American PlayStation 2 games to include such extensive DVD extras.

The game is currently nearing completion and will be released exclusively on Sony's console near the end of October.

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