Eidos imports Ford game to US

Bold Moves Street Racing to hit the road this fall on Xbox, PS2, PC with 18 licensed vehicles, team racing gameplay feature.


American car manufacturer Ford is about to become an import in its own country. Eidos today announced that it will be bringing Ford Street Racing, an Empire Interactive game released overseas earlier this year, to the US this fall. It will be sporting a new exterior when it arrives on American shelves, as Eidos is renaming the game Ford Bold Moves Street Racing.

Bold Moves will feature 18 different classic and contemporary Ford models and a progressive vehicle damage that affects how cars perform and control. There's also a "Maximum Team Control" feature that lets players issue commands to two other teammate cars during a race or switch control to a teammate car on the fly.

Ford Bold Moves Street Racing will be made available on the Xbox, PlayStation 2, and PC. In the UK, Empire Interactive is also working on an upgraded PSP version of the game called Ford Street Racing - L.A. Duel, but Eidos hasn't announced whether it will bring that game over yet. The full list of cars slated for Ford Bold Moves Street Racing is as follows:

1968 Mustang GT
1969 Mustang Boss 302
1970 Capri Mk I RS2600
1970 Mustang Boss 429
1973 Escort RS2000
1975 Torino Sport
1985 RS200
1987 Sierra RS500
1992 Escort RS Cosworth
1995 GT90 Concept
2000 Ford SVT Cobra R
2002 Focus RS
2004 Fiesta ST
2004 Mustang GT-R Concept
2004 SVT F-150 Lightning
2006 Ford GT
2006 Mustang GT
2007 Shelby GT500

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