Eidos has Zero Tolerance for consoles

The game formerly known as Roll Call gets new name, release date for Europe; shooter takes on gang-filled mean streets.


Urban Chaos: Riot Response

Eidos Interactive today officially announced the new name and release window for the game formerly titled Roll Call. The game has been redubbed Zero Tolerance – City Under Fire and is scheduled to be released sometime in during the second quarter of 2006 in Europe. Rocksteady Studios, based out of London, is developing the game for the Xbox and PlayStation 2. Details on a North American release have not yet been announced.

The name may have changed, but the premise remains largely the same. Gamers play as Nick Mason, a member of counter-gang squad T-Zero. Players will try to protect and serve while taking back the streets of Franklin City by using high-tech weapons and gadgets. Mason can play both good cop and bad cop by either taking in perps for a little dose of justice or shooting first and asking questions later.

For more information on Zero Tolerance, check out GameSpot's coverage from this year's E3.

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