Eidos drops new Crash 'N' Burn details

The Climax-developed racer for the PS2 and Xbox will let players customize their cars and run opponents off the road. New screens and trailer inside.


Crash 'N' Burn

Today, Eidos released new info to keep console racer fans up to speed on Crash 'N' Burn. Currently in development at Climax's Brighton studio, the Xbox and PlayStation 2 racer will let up to 16 online players race through the streets of cities such as Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York.

The primary objective for players will, of course, be to win races. Job number two will be to ensure none of their opponents finish. Players will be able to employ a repertoire of car-combat movies to sideswipe, T-bone, and spin out their opponents. Eidos hints that the results will be realistically catastrophic. "Run them into barriers, rip, shred and tear their cars apart," read the publisher's belligerent press release, "Laugh as you leave their cars ablaze in a burning heap of metal and rubber you as you pass them for the win." (Insert diabolical laugh here.)

Double-click the video window for a full-screen view. It's not yet clear what kind of vehicles will be available in Crash 'N' Burn, but Eidos has revealed that players will be able to customize them with new paint jobs, components, reinforced fenders, giant spoilers, and the like. Nitrous oxide injectors will also be an option.

Crash 'N' Burn is currently set for a holiday 2004 release. We'll bring you more information on this game when we report live from next month's E3 Expo.

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