Eidos dates Lara Croft for Xbox, Xbox 360

Publisher confirms spring 2006 release for next Tomb Raider game on Microsoft's consoles.


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Eidos Interactive took advantage of Microsoft's X05 event in Amsterdam this week to hype the forthcoming release of Tomb Raider: Legend on Microsoft's platforms. Along with unveiling a teaser trailer for the game, the publisher announced that both the Xbox 360 and Xbox versions of the game would ship simultaneously in spring 2006.

While the Tomb Raider delay to 2006 has been rumored for a while now, this is the first time Eidos has publicly confirmed it. The lack of any mention of PlayStation 2, PSP, or PC release dates shouldn't be seen as an indicator as to when they'll be released, as the company wouldn't announce those details at an event designed to promote a rival system.

Tomb Raider: Legend sees protagonist Lara Croft once again attempting to recover an ancient artifact. Her quest will put her up against enemy forces that are led by an old foe that was thought to be long dead. Aside from the raiding of numerous tombs, players will also make their ways through outdoor jungle, snow, and mountain ruins areas. For more on Tomb Raider: Legend, check out GameSpot's previous impressions of the PS2 version.

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