Eidos confirms Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

New IP from Hitman developer targets 2007 release on Xbox 360, PC; first screens inside.


Earlier this month, the next project for Io Interactive, the developer of Freedom Fighters and the Hitman series, was revealed to be Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. However, the dead men told no tales, as details on the game were kept good and buried.

Eidos changed all that today with the official confirmation of the shooter and let the public know what it can expect from the new IP. The "intense action title" will be released on the Xbox 360 and PC sometime in 2007. The company's press release chose its words carefully, saying the game "will be released in 2007 initially for the Xbox 360" and PC (emphasis added). The word "initially" could imply that it will also head to other platforms, one obvious destination being the PlayStation 3.

The game will star the two titular characters, one "a flawed mercenary" and the other "a medicated psychopath." Word on the gameplay is still pretty veiled, as the statement from Eidos alludes only to the characters' "brutal attitude towards right and wrong" and their "volatile relationship." Previous details on the game revealed that there will also be cooperative play, online multiplayer, and some squad-based play.

GameSpot will have more details on Kane & Lynch: Dead Men as they are released.

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