Eidos confirms Commandos Strike Force

Eidos updates its UK Web site with the first information on Pyro Studios' upcoming World War II first-person shooter.


Eidos Interactive recently updated its UK Web site with the first information on Commandos Strike Force, a previously unannounced World War II first-person shooter from Pyro Studios. Described as a tactical action shooter for up to eight players, the game is currently in development for the PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox.

In Commandos Strike Force, players will assume the role of a Green Beret, a sniper, or a spy operating behind enemy lines. Each of the playable characters will boast a different set of skills and abilities and, consequently, a different style of gameplay. The game will feature three linked campaigns set in Norway, Russia, and France, and players will be able to switch between characters as they progress through any given mission.

The environments in the game are described as open and nonlinear, and they promise to give players the freedom to formulate and execute their own plans of attack. Tactics will undoubtedly be important in the game given its Commandos heritage, and it's already been revealed that players will be able to use timed bombs to create diversions and knives to perform silent kills. In addition to the three playable characters, players will have the option to use Allied troops to aid with missions, although it's not yet clear how this feature will be implemented.

No further details on Commandos Strike Force are available at this time, save that it will feature competitive online play for up to eight players. What information there is appears to have been removed from the Eidos UK site at the time of writing, but we'll bring you more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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Well, a Commandos FPS could either be interesting or really lame (if they don't make the game properly)....