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Eidos bets on ponies

Virtual-pet games for DS now a dog-and-pony show with Pony Friends; six breeds of minihorses coming to handhelds in 2007.


The success of Nintendo's Nintendogs has spawned several imitators looking to cash in on the virtual-pet craze. While Nintendogs satisfied the longings of canine lovers, a new DS game features another creature adored by kids--ponies. Eidos today announced that Pony Friends, developed by Australian studio Tantalus, will be released sometime in 2007. In the game, players will care for, dress, and groom ponies to their hearts' content, and take on challenges issued by various characters. The stylus will be used for miniature horse upkeep, such as picking stones and shells out of ponies' hooves, making a saddle blanket, and brushing the animals' manes. And like a real pony, Pony Friends needs constant attention--playing daily ensures a happy pony.

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