Egyptian Prophecy announced

This adventure game from DreamCatcher Europe will see players assuming the role of a young Egyptian princess.


The Egyptian Prophecy

The Adventure Company has today released a list of the seven PC games that it's planning to show at E3 next month, none of which had been announced previously. One such game is Egyptian Prophecy, which is currently in development at DreamCatcher Europe. The game is set in ancient Egypt at a time when the glory of the country is under threat because of the impending death of Ramses II. Amon-Ra, the sun god, promises to extend his life in exchange for the most magnificent temple ever constructed. When the building site is affected by a number of sinister incidents, it's up to the player, as princess Maia, to solve the mystery and, in doing so, save the life of the dying pharaoh.

We'll bring you more information on Egyptian Prophecy, which will be released as Egypt 3: The Fate of Ramses in Europe, when we report live from E3 on May 14-16.

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