EDZ Obelisk Bug In Destiny 2: How To Interact With The Sundial Obelisk

Here's how to deal with this annoying bug--it's a little easier on consoles, but PC players can try this solution too.


Update: Good news! Destiny 2's newest patch fixes this issue, allowing you to access the EDZ obelisk without any trouble or workarounds. Check out our full rundown of the latest hotfix, which includes a bunch of fixes for Season of Dawn issues. That's not all that happened in Destiny 2 this week, either--a new secret quest appeared in the game, which has the entire community trying to solve the puzzles of the Corridors of Time. Check out our full Corridors of Time guide for the latest.

Original story: Destiny 2's Season of Dawn new Mercury-based Sundial activity adds four obelisk towers to planets around the solar system. The obelisks increase the rewards you get from completing Sundial runs, but you'll need to improve them to make the most of the activity. Improving each of the obelisks is a bit of a grind--they require you to earn materials from special weekly bounties you can purchase from each one, as well as from completing daily bounties available from Saint-14. Unfortunately, though, while three of the obelisks work as intended, there's a bug affecting the obelisk located in the EDZ. Bungie was set to squash the bug with a hotfix, but it's been delayed. Luckily, there's a workaround.

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In order to upgrade the obelisks, you'll need to visit and interact with each one. But many players have reported issues with the obelisk in the EDZ. Walk up to it, and you might find that there's no prompt to interact with the obelisk's control panel, and therefore no way to spend the Polarized Fractaline materials needed for the upgrade. As Bungie has noted, the obelisk is bugged, and it can seem like your progress in the season is stalled if you don't know what to do about it.

Apparently, the obelisk's issue has to do with the requirement to unlock it in the first place--you need to complete a mission in the EDZ in order to power up the obelisk and make it work. Unlike other obelisks in the solar system, though, the EDZ one isn't just checking if you have completed the requirements; if anybody in your instance hasn't activated it, it won't give anyone the prompt to interact with it.

Bungie suggests repeatedly spawning in at a different transmat location and then returning to the EDZ obelisk, which is located in the EDZ's Gulch section. The idea is that you can try to enter the area over and over, in hopes of finding an instance in which everyone has activated the obelisk. It can be time-consuming, but eventually, it should work.

That method works if you're on PC, although it can be annoying. If you're a console Destiny 2 player, however, you have an easier method. While your character is in orbit, go into your console's Settings menu and adjust the date and time, picking any day in the past. Once that's done, spawn in at the Gulch transmat zone and head to the obelisk. You should now be in an empty instance, having tricked Destiny 2 into thinking you're playing at a different time than everyone else. With nobody around, the obelisk should work.

That's still a bit of a pain, but we've found altering the console's date makes the obelisk work every time. Bungie hasn't said when it'll get a fix together for the obelisk, unfortunately, so be prepared to put in a little extra effort to advance your way through the Season of Dawn's requirements.

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