Edge of Twilight approaches PS3 in 2009

SouthPeak Games adds Sony's console to Xbox 360, PC editions of Fuzzyeyes' steampunk-inspired adventure game next year.


In August, Australia-based Fuzzyeyes Studio revealed it would be parlaying its time spent making games about the fast-food industry into Edge of Twilight, a stylized, postapocalyptic third-person action adventure then slated to arrive for the Xbox 360 and PC at an undetermined point in the future. Today, Edge of Twilight took on a bit more focus when SouthPeak Games announced that Fuzzyeyes will be creating a PlayStation 3 version of the game as well.

As with Codemasters' recently announced Damnation, Edge of Twilight will run with a steampunk aesthetic. Players will navigate a mechanized fantasy world in which society is divvied up into separate dimensions of night and day. Players will assume the role of an ostracized bounty hunter named Lex who must find his place in a world lorded over by the industrialized Atherns and the spiritual Lithern.

Gameplay details remain elusive, but Fuzzyeyes has previously said that Lex will have different abilities depending on whether he is in the night or day realms. SouthPeak also noted today that the game would benefit from the publisher's license of Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3.

For more on Edge of Twilight, check out Fuzzyeyes' official Web site for the game.

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