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Edge Of Tomorrow Director Gives An Update On The Sequel

Whether or not the movie gets made might come down to the availability of Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.


2014's Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt action movie Edge of Tomorrow--or, Live Die Repeat as it was rebranded--was a critical success and as a result, fans have been calling for a sequel. Director Doug Liman has now provided an update on how it's coming along.

He told Collider that, if indeed a sequel is made, he would want it to be a smaller-scale movie. Sequels often go for bigger action and more explosions, but Liman said this pales in comparison to giving Cruise and Blunt more screen time because they are such great actors.

"I've always been interested in the idea of a sequel being more character-driven than the first film, because that's not how things are normally done," he said. "That's been my approach when developing the sequel and because Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt are such phenomenal actors. I get sometimes the sequel just has to have more firepower or more explosions but no visual effect is going to top what you're going to get from a great scene performed by Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt."

According to Liman, whether or not Edge of Tomorrow 2 gets made may come down to the availability of Cruise and Blunt.

"It's one of these things where if Tom, Emily, and I were to say, 'We're ready to pull the trigger on this script,' it's Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, the film gets made,'" Liman said. "That's pretty much how Hollywood works. The stars are the gatekeepers. If you can get Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt to commit to the movie, it's going to happen."

The script for Edge of Tomorrow 2 isn't finished yet, but that's not necessarily a problem. For the first Edge of Tomorrow, Liman acknowledged that he started filming the movie before the script was even properly finished.

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