Edge of Reality prepping Xbox 360, PS3 Sims

Incredible Hulk developer's job listing indicates EA's best-selling virtual life franchise is coming to Microsoft's, Sony's consoles.


Last week, information surfaced that Edge of Reality's upcoming slate may have unexpectedly been lightened. According to the LinkedIn profile of a former developer, Sega pulled the plug earlier this year on Cipher Complex, an espionage-themed modern-day action game originally announced in 2006. And though neither Sega nor Edge of Reality confirmed that situation, the studio remains at work on a number of high-profile projects for Electronic Arts.

When you're a Sim, you're a Sim for life.
When you're a Sim, you're a Sim for life.

According to a job listing on industry news site Gamasutra, Edge of Reality is collaborating with EA on "multi-platform titles with The Sims Studio," which only makes Sims games. The open position in question--lead designer--notes that the game, which an Edge of Reality representative confirmed has yet to be announced, is in development for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The Sims franchise has yet to appear on Microsoft's or Sony's flagship consoles. However, in November 2006, former EA chief financial officer Warren Jenson not only revealed the existence of The Sims 3, but also stated that the Sims series was in development for the Wii and PS3. The intervening years have seen a number of Sims titles released on the Wii, including SimAnimals and the MySims spin-off series. The PS3, however, has remained Sims-free.

Notably, Edge of Reality's previous work includes the console port of the original The Sims, which received positive reviews when it released for the PlayStation 2 in 2003.

The job listing further notes that Edge of Reality is currently assisting BioWare in the console editions of the Canadian developer's anticipated fantasy role-playing game Dragon Age. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions of Dragon Age are expected to ship alongside the PC version on October 20.

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