Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures Hands-On

Ed, Double D, and Eddy are scamming their way into an all-new adventure.


Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures

One of the Cartoon Network's more popular original programs is Ed, Edd n Eddy, a cartoon about three kids with similar names and a similar game: scamming their way into and out of trouble. Now, Midway and A2M are hard at work on Mis-Edventures, a new game starring the trio, as well as many other characters from the show.

You'll control all three lead characters during the game, and you can swap between them at any time to use each character's unique abilities when various puzzles arise. The game seems to be a puzzle-filled adventure game, and the unique abilities give the whole thing a Lost Vikings-like twist. Ed's speciality is strength, so he'll be able to pick up large objects (we saw the kid lift up a whole refrigerator like it was nothing) and perform a team-up move that lets you act like a battering ram to break through obstacles. Edd appears to be the brains of the outfit. He'll be able to operate machinery, and his team-up move is a boosted jump that should come in handy around tall objects. Eddy seems to be the game's stealth character, and he can also unleash stink bombs.

We were only shown a brief part of the game's first level, which has the boys setting out to start up a local snow cone business, but you'll have to run around through a bunch of backyards and steal ice to get your racket going. Along the way, you'll toss squirrels into houses to scare kids out, catch a cat and toss it at a dog, and solve other similar puzzles. The snow cone hustle is one of eight different scams in the game, though two of them will have a more arcadelike feel.

Graphically, the game appears to be doing a solid job of re-creating the look and feel of the series, though, obviously, transitioning 2D characters into a 3D world isn't a perfect science. Fans of the series should get a big kick out of this one when it's released this October on all three current consoles and the PC.

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