ECTS: Zone of the Enders

There was no truth to the rumor that Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima's latest game would be playable at ECTS this year, but Konami did have some new video footage to show.


Zone of the Enders

The games that Konami didn't have on display were being displayed in movie preview form on Konami's big screen theater. Though the rumor had it that Zone of the Enders would be playable at ECTS this year, it was absent from Konami's booth and present in the form of both the original E3 video preview and a short new video clip trailing the original.

The new clip for Zone of the Enders used a surprising amount of footage from the original video clip, sometimes even showing whole sequences over. But the sparse amount of new footage sprinkled in between the recycled bits are impressive. The basic story behind ZOE centers around a young boy who steals a mech and survives an attack on the space station where he lives and then feels responsible for not being able to stop the attack. As the game progresses he learns about watered down video game life lessons and engages in some incredible mech battles.

In the sequence we were treated some amazing mech battles that looked like they were actual gameplay. Two mechs would fly and dodge about each other in an almost ballet-like dance, all the while swinging swords, firing guns, and launching missiles. Stray gunfire and explosives would decimate nearby buildings, down power lines, and cause all sorts of property damage. In one scene that was obviously a cutscene an enemy mech tracked our rapidly moving hero, and shattered the glass windows of the building behind our hero as it missed him.

It's truly unfortunate that ZOE wasn't in playable form as it looks very appealing from the video clips. With beautiful graphics and a plotline written by Metal Gear Solid writer and director Hideo Kojima, you can expect ZOE to create quite a stir when it finally does appear in playable form. In the meantime, check out these new shots from the brand new trailer.

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