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GameSpot spoke with the creators of Sierra's tactical real-time strategy game Ground Control about its forthcoming games.


Ground Control

Last week Sierra announced that Ground Control, the critically acclaimed 3D tactical real-time strategy game, has an expansion pack on the way that's due this November. The game's original developer, Sweden-based Massive Entertainment, has turned over development of the expansion to High Voltage Software, based in Chicago, IL, and is only occasionally consulting on the new campaign's design. This move has left Massive completely free to pursue other projects.

Yesterday evening, we had the chance to catch up with Martin Walfisz, CEO of Massive Entertainment, about the developer's other efforts. Ground Control's success has allowed the developer to diversify and add two small satellite studios - one of which is rolling out mobile phone games, and the other of which is working on a small title for the European market.

What should be most interesting to game players is that the central studio is in talks with a publisher for its next game. Walfisz confided that its next game would follow closely in line with Massive's previous work. More details will be available once a publishing deal has been hammered out, but Walfisz suggested we would hear much more in the coming months - certainly before E3.

In addition, Massive continues to support the original Ground Control. While the game included a mission editor with its retail release, a new editor is in the works that will let users make more significant changes to the game. More immediately, a new patch is due in a few days that will make some unit balance adjustments - notably increasing the health of the air units and decreasing some of the Order units' defensive powers - and fix a few remaining bugs. Stay tuned for more information both on the Ground Control expansion, and also on Massive Entertainment's other endeavors.

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