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ECTS: EverQuest: The Scars of Velious Concept Art

Check out these design sketches and preliminary renders of some of the denizens of the continent of Velious.


The new EverQuest expansion due this winter will feature a correspondingly cold menagerie of beasts for EverQuest fans to battle. The expansion adds the frozen northern continent of Velious, and with it, a collection of powerful creatures that have learned to endure their harsh environment. Some of these monsters include icy variations of existing EverQuest monsters - for example, you'll face a tribe of snow centaurs, as well as packs of armored mole men that are reminiscent of Kunark's badger-like burynai creatures.

Velious is home to a number of such anthropomorphic beasts, including otter men, walrus men, and more. But you'll also find stranger inhabitants like flying monkeys, enchanted suits of armor, and the mysterious snow dervishes. However, most notably, Velious is home to a race of giants and a race of dragons that are at war with one another. EverQuest players will be able to improve their faction standings with either one by helping in the war against the other. These giant creatures will no doubt be of great assistance to their allies, just as they will pose a serious threat to their enemies. The Scars of Velious expansion is on track to ship in the first week of December.

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