ECTS: Delta Force: Land Warrior

NovaLogic shows two new levels of its third game in the Delta Force series.


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At ECTS we visited the NovaLogic booth to take another look at the third first-person action game in the Delta Force series, Land Warrior. While the game still uses voxels to model all of the game's terrain, Land Warrior will be the first such game with complete 3D acceleration. The result is in 3D environments that still let you see far onto the horizon as in the first two Delta Force games, but now the terrain looks sharper and runs significantly smoother.

We've been playing the game's Cairo level for several weeks now, and were pleased to find an updated build with more missions at the booth. One of the more impressive levels was the oil platform. Although it's currently sparsely populated by enemy soldiers, it seems as if this level will be one of the more addicting missions in the final game. NovaLogic was also demonstrating the Mayan ruins stage, which featured ancient pyramids amid rolling green terrain. In this stage, we played one of as-of-yet unrevealed sniper characters alongside Cole "Gas Can" Harris, the game's demolitions expert. One of the new weapons in the ECTS build was the silenced PSG-1 sniper rifle, which comes equipped with a long-range scope capable of felling enemies at an incredibly long range.

The ECTS build of Land Warrior also added a realistic, new sniping effect. While standing, your view through the scope is unsteady, which makes it difficult to aim at longer distances. However, while crouched and prone, this effect starts to wear off, which makes sniping easier.

Land Warrior is scheduled for release this holiday season. Until then, keep checking our weekly profiles for updated information on the game's five playable characters.

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