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ECTS 2001: New media: Universal Studios

We have new screenshots from and updated gameplay information on Kemco's GameCube game Universal Studios: Theme Park Creation.


Universal Studios is Kemco's first GameCube game. It lets the player take part in many attractions of the Universal Studios theme park in Osaka, Japan. Players are joined by Woody Woodpecker, who shows them the famous attractions. Favorite pastimes include the stamp rally, a shopping tour, monster makeup, DeLorean chases, and the tricky Universal quiz with 600 possible questions. Players can even raise their own dinosaur at the Jurassic Park incubator. As the game progresses, time changes are seen in the game, and in the evening, there will be fireworks. Attractions of the park include Jurassic Park, which lets players ride in the Jeep, escaping the attacks of various dinosaurs; Back to the Future - The Ride, where players chase Biff Tannen, one of the movie's villains; Jaws, where the great white shark must be defeated before it can sink the boat; Backdraft, where the player must rescue people as a fireman; Wild Wild West Stunt Show, where players duel with other gunmen; E.T. Adventure, which offers players a revival of the famous bike scene in the forest where E.T. must reach his mothership; Animated Celebration, where players will enter a dancing duel with Woody Woodpecker; and Waterworld, which also follows a scene from the motion picture.

Universal Studios: Theme Park Creation is scheduled for a worldwide release around Easter 2002.

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