ECTS 2001: New media: Evil Twin PS2

View new screenshots from Ubi Soft's Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles for the PlayStation 2.


Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles

Evil Twin is a 3D platform adventure currently in development at In Utero for the PC, Dreamcast, and PlayStation 2. The story takes place in the dreams of an orphan boy who flees the birthday party his friends have organized for him. Sad and angry, he finds himself sucked into a dark and twisted dreamlike world, where he realizes that his friends and his very world have become prisoners of a dark and very sinister influence.

There are 66 levels spanning eight different islands, each with a particular theme. Evil Twin's gameplay is focused on a mixture of platformer and adventure elements. These new screenshots are from the PS2 version. Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles should be released this November on the PS2 and the Dreamcast, and the PC version is due at the end of September.

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